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Modern cloth nappies are easy to use; versatile, convenient and highly absorbent with flexible waterproof covers designed for comfort and a perfect fit.
Shaped multi-sized cloth nappy inner with a waterproof cover attached, available with Velcro or popper fastening. Various sizes from birth to potty.
Motherease One-sizeShaped
A two-part system. A separate waterproof cover is
used over a shaped cloth nappy inner with Velcro or popper fastening. Multi-sized, one-size birth to potty.
Traditional Terries, prefolds and muslins. A two-part system which is cheap and versatile. Folded to fit inside a waterproof cover. Can be fastened with nappi nippas.
Waterproof cover with a pocket at the back to insert a pad folded terry or prefold. An all-in-one substitute.


A waterproof cover placed over a shaped or flat nappy to prevent leakage. Made from PUL (pulyurethene), PVC, fleece or wool and fastened with Velco, poppers or ties.

So, you are a cloth nappy convert?

Now that you are used to the basics of changing and washing,
you may be ready to try a few new things

Wool Covers (Soakers)


  • Made from totally natural materials
  • Completely breathable warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Can be made from organic wool
  • Very soft wont leave red marks

Cheap and Made to Measure

  • Can be knitted at home very cheap
  • Can be bought ready made – £8 – £16 or second hand £4 – £6
  • SRNN Nappy Shop Soakers made by a volunteer member – £4.50
  • Can be easily made to measure

Cute and Funky

  • You can choose your own patterns of stripes, squares, etc and be completely unique!
  • They can be elasticated pull-on, or drawstring fastened (for the knit-your-own types)
  • Factory made types can be pull-on, velcro or popper


  • Only needs washing about every 2 weeks!
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Wool neutralises urine, so air the used soaker for 12 hours, and it smells fresh and clean (really, it does!).

N.B. The soaker will only work if you have sufficient absorbency in the nappy underneath. If you find that it is leaking after lanolising, try increasing boosting in the nappy.


When to Use
  • Overnight. In the morning, the soaker is quite damp on the inside, but just cool on the outside (the moisture evaporates through the wool).
  • Not suitable for daytime use when baby will be sitting for an extended period, e.g. in pushchair or car seat. The extra pressure on the wool when sitting compresses the fibres and lets the moisture wick through.
  • Not so suitable for pre-weaned babies; messy poo on the cover is difficult to wash.
  • One of our members uses wool soakers full-time, and is very impressed.


Some babies are sensitive or allergic to lanolin and wool. Please check that your child does not react before putting them in a wool soaker!


“Go for it I think that wool soakers are fantastic!”
Brenda Cavanagh

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