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Real cloth nappies are easy to use and care for. Let the washing machine do the work for you.

Can’t wash/won’t wash?
Use a Cloth Nappy Laundry Service which will collect your dirty nappies and deliver clean ones to your door.Liners
Protect nappies from soiling with washable or flushable liners.

Wash at 60 degrees. No need to soak.

Line dry outside, on an airer or tumble dry.

Wool Covers (Soakers)

Lanolised wool soakers provide a waterproof cover for nappies, as an alternative to the standard PUL (Polyurethane-coated) wraps.


  • Handwash in lukewarm water with olive-oil soap or machine wash on wool cycle.
  • Turn the soaker inside-out, wet it, and rub the soap gently over the whole surface. This roughs up the wool and improves its performance. Dont rub hard or youll make the wool stiff.
  • Rinse in the SAME TEMPERATURE water (cold water will make it shrink!).
  • Gently squeeze out and roll up in a clean dry towel to remove excess water.
  • Hang to dry away from direct heat and out of sunshine.

Lanolising (Waterproofing)

Lanolin (sheep fat) gives the wool its waterproofing properties. SRNN soakers are all pre-lanolised when you buy them (though other sellers sell unlanolised products).

  • After washing and rinsing as explained above, squirt 1 tsp of lanolin solution into 1 litre luke-warm water in a bowl.
    Submerge the soaker and leave for at least 4 hours, or overnight.
    Squeeze out and dry as before.
  • Re-lanolise once a month until the soakers are well conditioned. (Lanolin solution is available from most nappy agents.)
  • Re-lanolise when you notice dampness coming through.CONTRA-INDICATIONS
    Some babies are sensitive or allergic to lanolin and wool. Please check that your child does not react before putting them in a wool soaker!
“Go for it I think that wool soakers are fantastic!”
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